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What is nail art?
History of nail art
Nail Art Course in Pathankot


Nail Art Course in Pathankot, there are a lot of trends that are going around the globe, but some trends that are getting media traction nowadays, are not even from this generation. These trends were built by our ancestors centuries ago and we don’t even realise it because of the effects of pop culture on our psyche.

Either we have seen some celebrity promoting that fashion or one of the internet sensations must have shown it off in style. Our collective memories as a civilisation have gone so dumbed down that we don’t realise the basics of even the simplest of things. Technology might have been a good thing for the populous but it has some major side effects on our brains.

We are the race that has been on the top of the food chain for centuries now and a majority of our kind are denying the facts of history. Everything that exists today has its roots connected to something in the past. That’s exactly what fashion is. We like something, we buy it, we show it off to friends on social media and done! This is nothing less than narcissism in my opinion.

I am talking about all this because there is a fashion trend that today’s fashionistas are crazy about. The nail art trend has gone so viral that is impossible to be ignored by anyone. Out of around 4 billion men in this world, there might only be around a few million who wouldn’t know anything about nail art.

Today, with this article we will know in-depth about what nail art is and how and why it was invented. Reading about a fashion that you currently love can’t be a bad thing I guess? So, let us start with the topic without any delays.

What is Nail Art?

Nail art technician course in Pathankot can be explained as a fashion statement gone viral. It is a new way of reflecting what your nature of mood is at that moment. It has become a rage in both the Indian as well as international media as well as social media across the globe.

Many pop culture celebrities like rappers and singers have created a huge hype in favour of nail art being the new form of expression. The youth which was already getting bored with the old hair colour and other similar trends lapped on the new trend and made it viral in a matter of days.

There are beauty schools now that are teaching Nail art in their courses to profit from the trend. Many of them get the advantage of being in education hubs of cities they operate in but other private institutes are teaching the same art at better or sometimes even higher prices.

But before getting on to the art form, let us discuss a little about its past and history.

History of nail art?

There cannot be one civilisation or tribe that can enjoy the credit of introducing nail art to the world because this is a very old practice. It comes from a time when there were no connections between civilisations and when they were not aware of what was going on in other parts of the world, yet, nail art sprung across continents at almost the same time.

In ancient Egypt for example, nail art was being used by women as a status symbol. The brighter the nail, the higher the standards. This was the norm back in around 5000 to 3000 BC. After that, in the famous city of Babylonia which was famous for its warriors and their strength, men, not women, adorned painted nails before leaving for a war. This is how the culture of nail art was born.

However, with changing times, painting nails became more glamorous. In the mid-1900s, nail art took the form of accessory for fashionable women like film stars and famous singers. That trend has carried on till now and has taken many shapes and avatars. Let us discuss some forms of nail art below;

Nail polish: The oldest form of nail art that has its roots in the early 1800s is nail polish. The art of painting in sometimes single and sometimes multicolour patterns has been prevalent in urban populations across the globe.
Nail stickers: Nail stickers can be applied to the nails for a short time and can come off easily. These are used by women on occasions when they don’t want to spend a lot of time on their nails.
Nail gems and embellishments: Stones and gems have always been used in a fashionable sense. Smaller pieces of these gems can be adorned as accessories on their nails.
Nail stamping: For more precise and accurate designs, stamps are used dipped in nail polish. This allows the artist to create extravagant designs on a small surface.
Nail airbrushing: Airbrushing is a technique that uses an airbrush tool to create gradients, blends, and intricate designs on the nails.
Nail extensions: The most recent rage in the nail industry is the nail extension fashion that has women across the world mesmerised with the variety that it provides.

Nail art course in Pathankot:

Living in the Pathankot district of Punjab, we know that there are not many institutes or schools in this part of the state where a beauty expert can get worthy trainers. That’s why, we have decided to give our makeup enthusiasts a chance to realise their dreams. We at Kasa Studios have prepared a nail art course for our students and it is the best Nail Art Course in Pathankot. You will learn how to practice nail art and how to build a business with that knowledge.


In conclusion, the way this trend is gaining popularity, it is going to be a part of our lives for a very long time, after all, look at the lineup of people who are getting their nails done daily. Your girlfriend, your cousins, your sister and in some cases even the mothers are getting in on this fashion trend.


Can I do nail art at home?
Yes, you can create nail art at home using nail polish, stickers, or basic nail art tools. There are many tutorials available online to help you get started.
What are nail decals?
Nail decals are pre-made designs or patterns that can be applied to nails. They offer a quick and easy way to achieve intricate nail art.
What is the purpose of nail gems and embellishments in nail art?
Nail gems and embellishments add texture and sparkle to nail designs, enhancing their overall aesthetic.
How long does nail art last?
The durability of nail art depends on the technique and products used. Some designs may last a few days, while others, like acrylic or gel nails, can last several weeks.
Is professional nail art expensive?
The cost of nail art will depend on several factors such as the intricacy of the design, the amount of time spent on the nails and much more.
Are there nail art trends?
Yes, nail art trends evolve and it has been doing so since ancient times.

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